Apocalypse Later

Three against a thousand? Good odds for any... er...

“Alright we’re in position, looks like the entire thousand-man army is here. Now all we have to do is wait for the city militia to get their attention. ... I’m kind of bored, can we attack now?”

“Huh? Sure.”

Main Overview

  • PCs arrive in Mirrors to claim bounty for last job only to find out the city is suffering from a plague
  • PCs negotiate compensation from local Pelor church and local militia to help stop the plague
  • PCs find Ogre in the woods that leads them to Orcs in the city that leads them to the army underground.
  • With the help of the 100 man militia, PCs take down the entire thousand-strong army
  • PCs meet Chains and talk about the death of the continent
  • XP Awarded: 8,500
  • GP Awarded: 30,693gp (10,231gp to each player)

Jon’s Notes – 8/5/2010

The crew arrive in Mirrors to claim the bounty for the Vargouilles which is a measly 100 gold pieces but stumble into a church that appears to be filled to the brim with disease ridden townsfolk. The crew meet with the head cleric, Father Malfeas, briefly to find out more about what’s happening and negotiate a deal so that the church will provide discounted divine magic items for the crews help. Roughly 20 percent of the city is ill, all of which are human. The disease was an airborne strain of Devils Chills, genetically engineered to target humans. One Dwarf was said to have been bitten in a warehouse by a rat that carried the disease and, even though he’s immune to it, carried the disease to a well he drank out of which infected a large amount of the human populace.

Decado touched base with the local militia to find out the entire story while Cainan isolated the disease and produced an antigen to cure the disease which could be later mass produced. He then set about making some potions for their coming trials before going to bed. Cainan then proceeded to loot some scrolls from the churches stores. While resting, Decado arranged for the release of the Dwarf, who Cainan confirmed was no longer even a carrier, and tailed to make sure wasn’t an accomplice.

The next day the crew struck out into the woods after hearing reports of a cleric that had gone missing from the church and used to frequent the woods. The crew arrived at a blighted zone and drew out a Dryad to ask the plants about what happened to this area. The Dryad told them about an Ogre that was pining for a local Nymph who came and kidnapped the Dryad. This resulted in the death of an old oak tree which was at the center of the blighted area. From the Dryad the crew found out where the Nymph’s cave was and they went to investigate.

Upon arriving, they found a note stating the Nymph had left and were surprised by the Ogre who came looking for her. Enraged at the loss of his infatuation, he attacked the crew but was swiftly put down. After tying him up and interrogating him to find out more about the army of Kobolds, Orcs, Ogres and Giants that had marched through lead by a mysterious being known as Oolack, they cut him free and let him loose in the forest giving him instructions not to leave until they returned.

Heading back to town, the crew hit the market district hoping to incite whoever was kidnapping the local folks. They spotted a few shady disguised Orcs who attempted to flee. One was shot dead and the other grappled and charmed to tell the crew about the army that was actually underneath the city that was a thousand strong.

Wasting no time, the crew went to a local magic shop and told the shopkeeper what was about to happen. After he ran away screaming, they looted the entire shop then headed to the local militia to rally as many men as he could as fast as possible. The militia staged an assault on the front entrance of the cave beneath the city while the crew headed in the well entrance to flank the army after they engaged the local militia.

Upon arriving, they found a cloaked red-eyed figure in the center of a huge underground stadium with the entire army gathered around giving a speech in Orc and the entire army chanting in time. Decado rescued five soldiers and a cleric from the cages on the top tier of the stadium and the crew decided they were bored and attacked the army instead of waiting for the human forces to show.

A few rounds in the militia arrived drawing off the majority of the army but the crew managed to kill 5-6 hill giants, 5-6 ogres, a few dozen orcs, and about a hundred kobolds. They were also engaged by an elite hill giant and the cloaked figure which revealed herself to be a Blighter. After almost killing the human troops, the opposing force was soundly defeated through superior tactics and magical equipment and the battle ended to the sound of fireballs slamming into the flank of the remnants of the army that was trapped between the crew and the city militia.

The crew kept the items from the more powerful soldiers in the army and turned over the grunt armor and weapons to the local militia. They also returned roughly half of the wands taken from the shop keeper and kept the rest, saying they were all used in the battle. The cleric lady that went missing from the church of Pelor confessed she engineered the disease because her life was threatened. The Athlanthar reinforcements then arrived the following day to support the city with 100 troops and 25 clerics, only to find the army vanquished against impossible odds and the city on the mend due to a mass produced cure found days before.

Given a villa by the city mayor, the crew decided to stay in town for a few days while Cainan crafted magic items and the group took a much needed break. During the middle of the night Decado found a strange entity poking around the well and tailed him with Cainan. Cainan, about as subtle as a brick through a glass window, called the creature out and had an involved discussion with it.

The entity appeared to be made of chains and designated itself by the name “Chains” stating it was a horseman for the one true God. It was here because an apocalypse was about to take place and that a horseman was always present when that happened. It then stated that it was searching out the other armies of Fenris Blackheart but didn’t know where they were. Cainan and Chains went back and forth in bartering the information which the crew had come into possession of by way of a map that was left in one of the buildings after the army was destroyed. In the end, Cainan gained a little bit of knowledge about a relic that might help him further his alchemical skills and gave Chains the location of one of the armies to see what he would do with it.

Cainan offered to make magic items (provided they only required the Craft Wonderous Items feat) and potions for the group at cost (half the market value).



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