Hunt for Red Athlanthar

This is where we fight!

“You were wrong.”

Main Overview

  • The drow army invades Athlanthar
  • Super powered spell man shows up and helps hold back the hordes
  • City survives, Drow lady with sphere of Annihilation gets away
  • XP Awarded: 44,000 xp ish?

Jon’s Notes – 11/11/2010
The crew decides to sneak around the Athlathar castle to make sure everything is on the up and up. While doing so, they stumble into a stockpile of supplies which suggests Athlanthar is prepared for a long stint of isolation, perhaps meaning the cellar below the palace is a bunker of some sort? Sneaking in with the psionic thri keen, the crew finds a room of Artifacts of which one (the sphere of Annihilation) is missing.

The crew manages to get their hands on a deck of many things and everyone draws twice.

They run into shadow woman and fight, but she turns tail and runs. The PCs prepare for battle, Cainan makes an Ancient Gold Dragon to join the fight. After a brief prep, the Drow army collapses the center of the city and the invasion begins. Uber sorcerer tattoo’d dude shows up and creates an antimagic field so the Drow can’t get off their Darkness spells and the crew picks off the Drow as they come up with the Athlanthar army.

After the war is well on its way, a small group attacks the castle and the crew goes to investigate. They find an uber witch that plants one of the metal ball tracking devices in the castle who is also toting a sphere of annihilation. She doesn’t fight the crew and both parties part ways for the time being. Super Shadow Witch Bitch turns up holding the royal family hostage and gets the ass beating of a life time, the crew finally cleaning up their loose ends.

Cainan heads to the arch mages tower and drops in to call him a prick then takes off. The crew signs a deal to make cargo runs for Lord Bartel in exchange for him funding their expeditions with ship supplies.



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