Lycanthrope Army Beatdown

Tables explode when hit by large axes

“I have thoughts sometimes!”

Main Overview

  • PCs topple 3 of the Generals with the help of the werewolves
  • PCs discover the BBEG messing with a machine that’s controlling the weather and defeat him
  • PCs take a little downtime to study the BBEGs work and figure out what to do with the werewolves
  • XP Awarded: 35,070 xp
  • GP Awarded: 78,414.2 gp (split b/t Sara and Cainan: 39,207.1 gp a piece)

Jon’s Notes – 9/23/2010

So… much…. ass kicking. 6 hours of straight combat.

So the crew began their plan to topple the lycanthrope army from the inside out and quickly realized that without our help the werewolves would have never toppled the Generals, namely because they couldn’t hurt them due to their natural DR. They managed to destroy three of the Generals using the lycanthropes as human shields. The first was a hill giant wereboar with a silver great axe which the crew then gave to another werewolf to go kill more people with. A table exploded. The second was a weresnake who was quite deadly with thrown improvised weapons. A wall exploded. The final one was a werebear general in the illusion room who would up just giving up. My brain exploded. His werewolf friend took off up the stairs and just before Impch’s main observatory, engaged us with two additional generals.

There is no such thing as glow in the dark chalk, and if there was it would cost more than 50 gp.

Impch may have been interested in talking with us but combat broke out darn near right away. When he flew into the storm which had no effect on him, the crew closed the dome effectively locking him out then used the machine generating the storm to stop it. Doing so blew a hole in the dome which allowed Impch to fly back in. 23 rounds and a legless Druid later, the crew finally overcame and killed Impch.

Turns out the device was creating perpetual energy and contained the basic principles of transmutation that Cainan was interested in. The PCs spent some time at the keep studying the notes, rounding up the treasure, and recouping from the epic gauntlet that was the lycanthrope generals. Unsure of what to do with the lycanthropes, the Black Thorns Druid was unsure as to whether or not they would be hunted given they revealed they weren’t evil. The crew was unable to reach a decision on what to do with the 200 or so lycanthropes that survived the encounter.

Note to self: Head to the capital of Brigginton and ask if there’s a reward for stopping the storm.



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