When It Rains, It Pours

When in doubt, go with the most xp

“Well we can’t become werewolves, we’re immune to disease.”
“Oh. Then why am I talking to you? How are you immune to diseases?”
“Maybe we’re Paladins?”
“Well that’s even worse! Why am I even hanging around you guys?”
“Maybe we’re anti-Paladins?”
“Oh well that’s not so bad, I feel safe now.”
“Well you should, because we were actually lycanthropes all along.”
“Oh, then why this whole deception?”
“Because we’re actually your superiors coming to test you.”
“Really? Shit, I failed didn’t I?”
“Yes, go away now.”

Main Overview

  • Traveling band comes to down, assassination attempt on Cainan
  • PCs hire Rogue and leave for Barrington
  • PCs learn a storm in the country is hiding a keep that is amassing a lycanthrope army
  • PCs stir up a rebellion among the ranks to overthrow the Generals of the army
  • XP Awarded: 4,770 xp
  • GP Awarded: 1,755 gp (585 gp to all 3 players)

Jon’s Notes – 9/16/2010

Well the crew started off hanging out in town while Cainan made magic items for everyone. At the two week marker, a few peasants informed us some shady men were looking for us but had left. At the one month marker, a band of traveling entertainers rolled into town and the crew went to watch the show featuring a dancer really off her game.

Decado took off, the half dragon bard punched Cainan in the mouth for looking at another woman and left.

Dark Stalkers drop deeper darkness on the stage and two attempt to kill Cainan. A battle commences engaging all of them on the stage within the sphere of deeper darkness while they all held hostages. Not caring about the hostages, Cainan bombed the shit out of them and burnt the stage to the ground along with a few hostages. In a slightly clever move, he also took one of their daggers and impaled it into the troop entertainer that got burned to make it look like he was stabbed. Before the burning. The guards bought it, shut up. After which everyone realized one of the assassins got away, but the remaining crew (+1 rogue/dancer) ran him down and killed the shit out of him.

Heading to Briggington to check out the newest outbreak of a disease that had just plagued the city, the crew realizes there’s a freak hurricane in the middle of the country which makes travel next to impossible. Through mathematical deduction the crew determines at the center of the storm is a keep which must contain an army bent on overthrowing the entire country. Before recruiting a Druid from the Black Thorns to take them to the keep, the PCs manage to disable the device used to travel through the storm safely after realizing they had possession of a key at one point in time but horked it for cash in the previous town. Nevertheless, they ran down an informant in the city who was able to provide quite a bit of information about the keep after a confusing round of diplomacy.

Arriving at the keep, the crew gets in with little trouble and realizes they can either poison the army or fight them all. Since fighting 400 lycanthropes is worth more experience points, they decide to go for it and insight a rebellion among the ranks of the lycanthropes. Turns out the army is raiding villages all across the continent and bringing back the turned prisoners to join the army but are considered an expendable asset for Grimgork Blackheart. They link the army to the nefarious Orc via some heraldry. 10 Generals of 10th-ish level with companies of 5 5th-ish level characters stand between the crew and the big bad that made the weather disaster, but their ranks now swell to 400 strong thanks to the food shortage which arose because of the inability to travel through the storm. With a genocidal Druid on their side, the PCs gear up to take the keep and free the lycanthrope army to get hunt down by the Black Thorns. Yay heroes!



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