World on Fire

A giant whale? Really?

“Here, hold this metal lizard in your hand.”
“Because I want to see if he can bypass your natural resilience.”
“Ha! Bring it on, this little creature can’t hurt me! There’s no way it… OH GOD MY HAND!!!!”
“Fascinating, must run more tests.”
“W..w..wait! Where’s the healing you promised me?”

Main Overview

  • Cainan does stuff, Sara helps rebuild Athlanthar, 2 months of down time
  • PCs have a new ride, a 180 ft long giant flying whale
  • PCs make a cargo run for supplies in the northern mountains for Bartel
  • PCs hear fire giants are attacking the Demorjan Forest, King Lavell remains neutral
  • PCs pick up a new passenger, Tasselhoff Furfoot
  • XP Awarded: 10,000 xp?
  • GP Awarded: None, we didn’t make shit

Jon’s Notes – 12/9/2010
Zepplin augmentations:
Created 7 flying winter wolf worgs for the crew (large size, all goblins ride two to a Worg except Tweak and Boomer
Created 8 Lightning Ballistas (5d6 Lightning Damage, Each cell has 10 charges, Craft (Engineering) DC 15 to reload, 4 on either side of the deck, 180 degree pivot firing range, 120 ft range)
Created huge lightning catching sails to recharge the cores for the ballistas
Created a massive gemstone which houses a fire and air elemental and a vent-like system which is used to propel the Zeppelin

New mode of transportation:
Turned a mountain in the Chaos Wastes into a giant flying whale effigy, took 63 days to complete. Whale flies at base speed of 25 mph (runs at 50mph, all outs at 100mph) and can swim. Stats found on Wiki.

Met Gerard Richards, the drunken and brilliant alchemist who came forward to ask Cainan for help. He discovered a new kind of metal deep within some unexplored caves which killed his entire adventuring group, along with his wife. Cainan tested the metal and created a Shocker Lizard pet who is continually surrounded by the metal effectively creating a Shocker Lizard with a 30 hardness. Cainan also discovered the alchemical formula to transmute more of the substance.

Test results: metal responds to electric currents, consuming the space the current takes up. For every 1d6 points of damage by current, the metal deals 5d6 points of piercing/slashing/bludgeoning damage. Metal bypasses all metalic-based DRs, but not magic. Metal solidifies with current but only holds shape as long as the current remains.

Cainan helped Gerard create an alchemical formula using blood magic that allowed him to use the soul of his wife, trapped in a jewel known as the Jewel of Calroon, to empower an electricity elemental which would then be suffused with the metal to create a golem out of said material. Cainian knew that the transmutation would be fatal to Gerard, so he tricked Gerard and performed one of his own to trap his soul in a golem as it left his body when he died, thus allowing him and his wife to be together and communicate ala the Crown of Read Thoughts built into the golem. The two left with one another but Cainan offered them refuge on his ship. Everyone in the world will later know this incredibly powerful golem as Bob.

Cainan went to the Chaos Wastes and had the goblin crew hold off the random incursions long enough for him to spend 63 days crafting a volcano with a sigil. He then transmuted the mountain into a gigantic (29 size categories above colossal) flying whale effigy construct binding the powerful lava elemental at the heart of the volcano to power it. He then took the whale back to Athlanthar to pick up the rest of the party.

Back in the city, Bartel asked the group to do a cargo run for supplies in the Northern mountains. On the way, Cainan picked up a liter of husky puppies and turned them into winter wolf winged worgs for the crew, 7 total. He also beefed up security in the Zeppelin and built a docking clamp system on the observation platform atop the whale so the Zeppelin could dock. Upon returning, Bartel informed them that the Demorjan Forest Elves were under attack from Fire Giants who were using brutal tactics to burn down the forest and lay siege to the elves. King Lavell was remaining neutral and currently tending to the monarchy of Athlanthar which had been relocated in the wake of the war. Deciding to wait on Decado, the crew instead stole a locate object scroll and went after the giant bag.

The crew found the bag in a beautiful resort atop a mountain which was run by some halfings. They spoke of another halfling who was a burden on them because of his sticky fingers. After having quite a few of their possessions taken then returned, Cainan took a liking to the little halfing and invited him aboard their ship. The adept rogue halfling called himself Tasselhoff Furfoot. Fin.



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