Cainan Cathak

Cainan Cathak

XP 1,860,370
CN Medium outsider (native) Half-Celestial Divinity (Rank 0) Alchemist 17 / Arcane Archer 2
Init +14; Senses low-light vision, darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +29

AC 45, touch 22, flat-footed 33, (+12 Dex, +6 Natural, +6 Mage Armor, +6 Armor [stackable], +5 Shield)
HP 270 (17d8+2d10+102)
Fort +17(+24), Ref +20(+28), Will +11(+18) (+2 vs enchantment)
DR 35/magic; Immune disease, poison, polymorphing, petrification, energy drain, ability drain, ability damage, mind-affecting effects; Resist acid 10, cold 10, electricity 10, fire 20; SR 33
Speed 60 ft., fly 120 ft. (good)
Melee Masterwork Sickle +19 (1d6+4)
Ranged +5 Dislocator Transmuting Distance Seeking Longbow [+4 Strength] +31 (1d8+11)
Special Attacks bombs 32/day (+26(+29) to hit, 9d6+15 damage), smite evil 1/day (+11 attack, +19 damage, bypasses DR, +11 deflection bonus to AC)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 14th)
3/day—Protection from Evil, Holy Aura
1/day—Aid, Bless, Mass Charm Monster, Cure Serious Wounds, Detect Evil, Dispel Evil, Hallow, Holy Smite, Holy Word, Neutralize Poison, Remove Disease, Resurrection, Summon Monster IX
Extracts Known (CL 13th)
1st (9/day)—Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Secret Doors, Disguise Self, Endure Elements, Enlarge Person, Expeditious Retreat, Identify, Reduce Person, Shield, True Strike
2nd (9/day)—Barkskin, Cure Moderate Wounds, Restoration
3rd (9/day)—Cure Serious Wounds, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Curse
4th (8/day)—Cure Critical Wounds, Discern Lies, Restoration
5th (7/day)—Delayed Consumption, Planar Adaptation, Sending
6th (6/day)—Heal
Str 19, Dex 28(+6), Con 22, Int 34(+6), Wis 21, Cha 26(+6)
Base Atk +14/+9/+4; CMB +18; CMD 40(43)
Feats Simple Weapon Proficiency, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bombs), Weapon Proficiency (Longbow) [Wish], Light Armor Proficiency, Throw Anything, Brew Potion, Extraordinary Artisan (ECS), Skill Focus (Use Magic Device), Point Blank Shot [Backstory], Precise Shot, Craft Wondrous Items, Weapon Focus (Longbow), Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Universal Magic Item Crafting [Wish], Skill Focus (Craft [Alchemy]), Master Alchemist, Selective Spell, Deadly Aim, Focused Shot, Improved Critical (Bombs)
Skills Acrobatics +30(+33), Appraise +34(+37), Craft (Alchemy) +59(+79), Craft (Armor) +23(+26), Craft (Bows) +24(+27), Craft (Weapons) +22(+25), Disable Device +31(+34), Fly +35(+37), Heal +16, Knowledge (Arcana) +32(+35), Knowledge (Nature) +32(+35), Perception +29, Slight of Hand +31(+34), Spellcraft +34(+37), Survival +27, Stealth +31(+34), Use Magic Device +39(+49) Modifiers +2 Perception [Racial], +17 Craft (Alchemy) [Untyped], +10 Use Magic Device [Enhancement], +20 Craft (Alchemy) [Enhancement]
Languages Auran, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Infernal, Orc, Sylvan, Undercommon
Ex Alchemy, Poison Use, Swift Alchemy, Swift Poisoning, Instant Alchemy, Eternal Potion
Su Bomb, Mutagen, Greater Mutagen, Imbue Item [Wish], Discovery (Dispelling Bomb, Enhance Potion, Explosive Bomb, Extend Potion, Fast Bombs, Force Bomb, Infusion), Enhance Arrow (magic)
Sp Imbue Arrow [all spells, Wish]
Environment Dense urban areas with heavy coin purses
Organization Kick Ass Party (3)
Treasure +5 Dastana Bracers of Fire Resistance, +3 Animated Aporter Averter Called Commander Daylight Fearsome Heartening Mindarmor Speed Heavy Mithral Shield, Alchemist Bandoleer, Handy Haversack, Travelers Outfits (x3), Masterwork Composite Longbow (+2 Str Enhancement), Alchemist Kit, Formula Book, 75 Arrows, Waterskin, Artisan Tools, 1 Person Tent, Thieves Tools, Masterwork Sickle, Least Crystal of Adaptation, Everfull Mug, Everlasting Rations, Heward’s Fortifying Bedroll, Pearl of Power I (Infusions, x5), Pearl of Power II (Infusions, x5), Pearl of Power III (Infusions, x5), Pearl of Power IV (x4), Pearl of Power V (Infusions, x4), Clear Spindle Ioun Stone, Orange Ioun Stone, Lavender and Green Ioun Stone, Pearly White Ioun Stone, Quiver of Endless Arrows, Stone of Alarm, Strand of Prayer Beads (Standard), Portable Hole, 22 silver pieces, 20 copper pieces [Bought all Ability Tomes, +5]

Magic Items By Slot
Head: Headband of Mental Prowess (Int/Cha, +6), Hat of Disguise, Circlet of Mages, Circlet of Rapid Casting, Headband of Conscious Effort, Helm of Telepathy, Helm of Teleportation
Face: Googles of Minute Seeing, Detect Magic, True Seeing, Sniper Googles
Throat: Amulet of Fortune Prevailing, Nondetection, Mage Hand, Natural Armor +5, Planes, Amulet of Emergency Healing, Amulet of Retributive Healing, Amulet of Tears, Brooch of Stability, Empowered Spell Shard, Necklace of Warning, Retributive Amulet, Spellsink Scarab, Torc of Displacement, Torc of Heroic Sacrifice, Necklace of Adaptation, Broach of Shielding
Shoulder: Cloak of the Alchemical Artificer (+10 UMD, +20 Craft [Alchemy]), Major Displacement, Mantle of Second Chances
Torso: Vest of Resistance +5, Shirt of the Leech
Arms: Bracers of Greater Archery and Arrowmind, Armband of Maximized Healing, Bracers of Accuracy, Bracers of Quickstrike, Counterstrike Bracers, Inquisitor Bracers
Hands: Gauntlets of Extended Range, Gauntlets of Arrow Reflection, Gloves of Agile Striking, Gloves of Fortune Striking, Gloves of Object Reading, Hellcat Gauntlets, Gloves of Arrow Snaring
Ring 1: Ring of Telekinesis/Freedom of Movement/Evasion/Sustenance/Feather Fall/Communication, Arming, Mystic Fire, Mystic Healing, Spell-Battle
Ring 2: Ring of Ring of Wizardry I-V, Universal Elemental Immunity
Waist: Healing Belt, Belt of Incredible Dexterity (+6), Belt of Battle, Belt of Hidden Pouches, Ruby Cincture of Immutability
Feet: Anklet of Translocation, Boots of Haste, Boots of Agile Leaping, Boots of Sidestepping, Boots of Teleportation, Boots of Striding and Springing
Notes: Headband of Vast Intelligence (+6; Skills: Profession (Sailor), Craft (Engineering), Handle Animal; Languages: Aklo, Thri Keen, Gnoll)

Crew Equipment: Everlasting Rations (x15), Decanter of Endless Water, Portable Hole

Potions: Divine Insight (CL 3), Gravity Bow (CL 1 x3), Greater Mage Armor (CL 8), Glide (CL 3), Invisibility (CL 3 x2), Mage Armor (CL 1 x3), See Invisibility (CL 3 x2), Shield (CL 1 x3), Treasure Scent (CL 5), Tremorsense (CL 3 x2), Greater Mage Armor (CL 11), Treasure Scent (CL 11), Potion of Divine Insight (CL 11)

Bear’s Endurance (CL 1, 44 charges),
Bull’s Strength (CL 1, 44 charges),
Cat’s Grace (CL 1, 42 charges),
Cure Moderate Wounds (CL 3, 28 charges),
Enlarge Person (CL 1, 50 charges),
Fireball (CL 5, 12 charges),
Fireball (CL 5, 24 charges),
Fireball [x2] (CL 5, 50 charges),
Invisibility (CL 3, 50 charges),
Mage Armor (CL 1, 46 charges),
Magic Missle (CL5, 10 charges),
Magic Weapon (CL 1, 39 charges),
Ray of Enfeeblement (CL 1, 48 charges),
Ray of Enfeeblement (CL 1, 50 charges),
Scorching Ray (CL 3, 48 charges),
Scorching Ray (CL 3, 50 charges),
Shield (CL 1, 41 charges),
True Strike (CL 1, 50 charges)

Possible Discoveries: Acid Bomb (bombs deal acid damage +1d6 dam next round), Combine Extracts (2 extracts in 1, level = highest Extract +2), Concussive Bomb (d4s sonic damage, Fort save or deafened for 1 min), Delayed Bomb (delay explosion up to 9 rounds), Dilution (1/day, create 2 doses from 1 potion, gp = 1/4 market value, cannot re-dilute), Dispelling Bomb (successful attack deals no damage but dispels), Enhance Potion (9 times/day, make potion function off of char level not caster level), Explosive Bomb (splash of 10 feet, direct hit lights creature on fire), Extend Potion (9/day, extend potion effect), Fast Bombs (can use bombs in full attack option), Feral Mutagen (gain 2 claws and a bite attack), Force Bombs (d4s Force damage, Ref save or fall prone), Frost Bomb (cold damage, fort save or staggered on direct hit), Greater Mutagen (+4 nat armor, +6 alchemical bonus to one ability score, +4 to second ability score, -2 on 2 mental abilities), Infuse Mutagen (2 int dam + 1,000gp to make mutagens last, cannot imbibe multiple at once), Infusion (extracts can be imbibed by non-alchemists), Madness Bomb (-2d6 dam, 1d4 Wis dam [-1 / bomb w/in last 24 hrs]), Poison Bomb (must have smoke bomb, creates cloudkill), Potent Bomb (+1d6 damage), Precise Bombs (splash ignores up to 9 squares), Shock bombs (electricity damage, dazzled 1d4 rounds), Smoke Bomb (Fog cloud), Sticky Bomb (Direct hits take splash damage 1 rnd later), Sticky Poison (poisons applied to weapons last for 9 hits)



  • Research elemental transmutation [Complete!]
  • Use transmutation to Craft substances (such as making wood into a bow) [Complete!]
  • Use transmutation to create components (for spells, magic items, etc) or possibly to imbue extractions instantly [Complete!]
  • Transmute one substance into multiple compounds
  • Transmute in rounds instead of minutes (swift alchemy?)
  • Build a Zeppelin crewed by psionic goblins [Complete!]
  • Make as much money as possible
  • Help Bartel’s head mage research gun powder
  • Build a gigantic flying automaton whale that is hollow to fly around inside of
  • Build a home base, a gigantic floating island

Ship Mods

  • Plate the hull with Mithiral
  • Build a flying construct force for aerial skirmishes
  • Build artillery weapons for the deck
  • Build lightning wands for the crew
  • Augment the crew’s race to give them natural flying capabilities

Cainan Cathak

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