End of Days

“How awkward would it be if you and the bad guy both plane shifted to the same spot in the same timeless plane to buff before combat?”
“It’d be like.. whoa, hey there… um… this is awkward.”
“Er… yeah… but you know, we can’t fight here because no one would see how epic it is.”
“Yeah… yeah… um, I’ll be over there. See you back on the prime material.”

Main Overview

  • Met Darkmoore in the Eleven Kingdom to ask for help fighting Fenris’ army
  • Took care of a nearby black dragon so they couldn’t flank the elven kingdom
  • Animated all the lava into one massive elemental in the volcano of the fire giant’s home
  • Found the chick w/ the sphere of Annihilation and shoved it up her ass
  • Expanded the sphere and obliterated the entire army
  • Found Fenris, kicked his ass

Jon’s Notes – 3/14/2010
Darkmar Feyorn returns to his daughters and promises to be a father figure.
The girls both find and are reunited with their mother, Dahlia.
The book takes down all of the research Deathdrix was working on.
Cainan bids the citizens of the world pray to him and transcends the mortal plan into a deity without so much as a word to his fellow party members but leaves his book behind to keep an eye on mortal affairs.

At long last, Martin’s epic campaign comes to an end. It’s been a fantastic journey in which we took our characters from level 1 to level 20 in one of the most epic scopes a PRPG has ever seen. Our character and are story will be sincerely missed.

Tying Up Loose Ends
It's been a long time coming

“I almost murdered my entire family because of that succubus, now she’s back to finish the job.”
“But she’s after the King, what’s your relation to him?”
“He’s my father.”
“Your father? You’re a prince, have been this entire time, and never told me?”
“You never asked.”
“…. Yeah good point, I do ramble about myself a lot.”

“Wouldn’t being a demigod break the game?”
“Well eventually don’t you think your character would get tired of meddling in the affairs of mortals? He eventually just wouldn’t care about them anymore?”
“He doesn’t care now.”
“… Good point. Well, good thing the campaign’s almost over.”

Main Overview

  • Killed the Succubus haunting Decado
  • Killed the Drow Assassin
  • Found out about Blackheart’s final battle plan
  • Brought lots of people back to life
  • Cainan became a demigod
  • XP Awarded: 210,000 xp
  • GP Awarded: A bit

Jon’s Notes – 3/10/2010
Everyone spent a lot of time trying to figure out whether or not they should rule the world. Cainin got the hoard from the mountain factory, life was gone.

Met up with the Thri Kreen after we left the forge who asked us for a ride. The crew determined one of his hands was the succubus who tried to fool Decado into murdering his entire family, so the crew jumped and subdued her. After an interrogation, they realized her involvement with the Demon Slug Lord trying to trump Asmodius’ plans. She brought a poisoned sword with the intent to kill the Elven King, replacing the sword that Darthmar Feyorn was going to give him as a gift of good will. She died from her own poison.

A clever plan rooted out the Drow assassin that killed and replaced Tweak after he murdered Feyorn’s Thri Kreen (who turned out to be just a clone). He was tortured revealing Blackheart’s plan to conquer the world, then he was eaten by sharks. Decado got all of his gear, it’s only fair after all.

The crew ended the session intending to meet up with Feyorn at the elven kingdom for a little chit chat to finalize plans on how to topple Blackheart and outsmart his final maneuver.

Cainan alchemically transmuted himself into a diety, but accidentally imbued his formula book with a portion of his own consciousness. What could possibly go wrong?

World on Fire
A giant whale? Really?

“Here, hold this metal lizard in your hand.”
“Because I want to see if he can bypass your natural resilience.”
“Ha! Bring it on, this little creature can’t hurt me! There’s no way it… OH GOD MY HAND!!!!”
“Fascinating, must run more tests.”
“W..w..wait! Where’s the healing you promised me?”

Main Overview

  • Cainan does stuff, Sara helps rebuild Athlanthar, 2 months of down time
  • PCs have a new ride, a 180 ft long giant flying whale
  • PCs make a cargo run for supplies in the northern mountains for Bartel
  • PCs hear fire giants are attacking the Demorjan Forest, King Lavell remains neutral
  • PCs pick up a new passenger, Tasselhoff Furfoot
  • XP Awarded: 10,000 xp?
  • GP Awarded: None, we didn’t make shit

Jon’s Notes – 12/9/2010
Zepplin augmentations:
Created 7 flying winter wolf worgs for the crew (large size, all goblins ride two to a Worg except Tweak and Boomer
Created 8 Lightning Ballistas (5d6 Lightning Damage, Each cell has 10 charges, Craft (Engineering) DC 15 to reload, 4 on either side of the deck, 180 degree pivot firing range, 120 ft range)
Created huge lightning catching sails to recharge the cores for the ballistas
Created a massive gemstone which houses a fire and air elemental and a vent-like system which is used to propel the Zeppelin

New mode of transportation:
Turned a mountain in the Chaos Wastes into a giant flying whale effigy, took 63 days to complete. Whale flies at base speed of 25 mph (runs at 50mph, all outs at 100mph) and can swim. Stats found on Wiki.

Met Gerard Richards, the drunken and brilliant alchemist who came forward to ask Cainan for help. He discovered a new kind of metal deep within some unexplored caves which killed his entire adventuring group, along with his wife. Cainan tested the metal and created a Shocker Lizard pet who is continually surrounded by the metal effectively creating a Shocker Lizard with a 30 hardness. Cainan also discovered the alchemical formula to transmute more of the substance.

Test results: metal responds to electric currents, consuming the space the current takes up. For every 1d6 points of damage by current, the metal deals 5d6 points of piercing/slashing/bludgeoning damage. Metal bypasses all metalic-based DRs, but not magic. Metal solidifies with current but only holds shape as long as the current remains.

Cainan helped Gerard create an alchemical formula using blood magic that allowed him to use the soul of his wife, trapped in a jewel known as the Jewel of Calroon, to empower an electricity elemental which would then be suffused with the metal to create a golem out of said material. Cainian knew that the transmutation would be fatal to Gerard, so he tricked Gerard and performed one of his own to trap his soul in a golem as it left his body when he died, thus allowing him and his wife to be together and communicate ala the Crown of Read Thoughts built into the golem. The two left with one another but Cainan offered them refuge on his ship. Everyone in the world will later know this incredibly powerful golem as Bob.

Cainan went to the Chaos Wastes and had the goblin crew hold off the random incursions long enough for him to spend 63 days crafting a volcano with a sigil. He then transmuted the mountain into a gigantic (29 size categories above colossal) flying whale effigy construct binding the powerful lava elemental at the heart of the volcano to power it. He then took the whale back to Athlanthar to pick up the rest of the party.

Back in the city, Bartel asked the group to do a cargo run for supplies in the Northern mountains. On the way, Cainan picked up a liter of husky puppies and turned them into winter wolf winged worgs for the crew, 7 total. He also beefed up security in the Zeppelin and built a docking clamp system on the observation platform atop the whale so the Zeppelin could dock. Upon returning, Bartel informed them that the Demorjan Forest Elves were under attack from Fire Giants who were using brutal tactics to burn down the forest and lay siege to the elves. King Lavell was remaining neutral and currently tending to the monarchy of Athlanthar which had been relocated in the wake of the war. Deciding to wait on Decado, the crew instead stole a locate object scroll and went after the giant bag.

The crew found the bag in a beautiful resort atop a mountain which was run by some halfings. They spoke of another halfling who was a burden on them because of his sticky fingers. After having quite a few of their possessions taken then returned, Cainan took a liking to the little halfing and invited him aboard their ship. The adept rogue halfling called himself Tasselhoff Furfoot. Fin.

Hunt for Red Athlanthar
This is where we fight!

“You were wrong.”

Main Overview

  • The drow army invades Athlanthar
  • Super powered spell man shows up and helps hold back the hordes
  • City survives, Drow lady with sphere of Annihilation gets away
  • XP Awarded: 44,000 xp ish?

Jon’s Notes – 11/11/2010
The crew decides to sneak around the Athlathar castle to make sure everything is on the up and up. While doing so, they stumble into a stockpile of supplies which suggests Athlanthar is prepared for a long stint of isolation, perhaps meaning the cellar below the palace is a bunker of some sort? Sneaking in with the psionic thri keen, the crew finds a room of Artifacts of which one (the sphere of Annihilation) is missing.

The crew manages to get their hands on a deck of many things and everyone draws twice.

They run into shadow woman and fight, but she turns tail and runs. The PCs prepare for battle, Cainan makes an Ancient Gold Dragon to join the fight. After a brief prep, the Drow army collapses the center of the city and the invasion begins. Uber sorcerer tattoo’d dude shows up and creates an antimagic field so the Drow can’t get off their Darkness spells and the crew picks off the Drow as they come up with the Athlanthar army.

After the war is well on its way, a small group attacks the castle and the crew goes to investigate. They find an uber witch that plants one of the metal ball tracking devices in the castle who is also toting a sphere of annihilation. She doesn’t fight the crew and both parties part ways for the time being. Super Shadow Witch Bitch turns up holding the royal family hostage and gets the ass beating of a life time, the crew finally cleaning up their loose ends.

Cainan heads to the arch mages tower and drops in to call him a prick then takes off. The crew signs a deal to make cargo runs for Lord Bartel in exchange for him funding their expeditions with ship supplies.

The Job
When in doubt, plan b

“Why do they have to be goblins?”
“Because they do.”
“Yeah but why? We could hire a skilled crew with experience, more powerful and…”

Main Overview

  • PCs get visited by a Drow caravan as informed by a Drow spy
  • Fenris’ army shows up to examine the device
  • PCs finish and sail the Zeppelin to Athlanthar and meet with Lord Bartel about the coming trap
  • XP Awarded: 4,770 xp
  • GP Awarded: 312,000 gp (split between Decado & Cainan : 156,000 gp a piece)

Jon’s Notes – 10/14/2010
So the game picks up with everyone working on the Zeppelin and using the machine to view remote destinations, one of which is Fenris Blackhearts tower where they talk to a wand-wielding Orc who they inform of the project takeover. The Orc seems just fine with it and pass along a small metal orb which they offer to pay the PCs 500,000gp to drop off in the main council building in Athlanthar, which is apparently the next phase of the plan. The PCs later discover that this device allows for perfect scrying and perfect teleportation into the area the orb is located in.

Back outside, one particular werewolf seems to be more aloof than the rest. Come to find out he spills that he’s working for another Drow house which is interested in learning more about the device. Their plan is to create another to fulfill the vision by a Matriarch of a large Drow house and get back into good standings since they themselves are outcasts. She shows up with exactly what the PCs are looking for and agrees to sell the blue psionic goblins to the PCs for a fifth of the price in exchange for looking over the caste. The PCs laugh in her face. She tries to use magic to subdue the PCs, it fails. They tell her an army is coming, she books it to prevent getting slaughtered. On her way out the PCs strike a deal with her for half a dozen orcs and the cage of goblins. Only 4 of the dozen are actually evil, so that works out well.

The army shows up and, as discussed previously with the Orc at Fenris’ home base, they let them in to take some imagery and records of the device then go on their marry way. The PCs use the machine to take a look at the armies full potential and quickly realize resisting the army would be inadvisable, despite their glowing record of killing armies in the past. The army gets fed and leaves, and the PCs finish construction of the Zeppelin. After a 24 hour grueling run, Decado comes back with a fantastic bottle of wine which he thinks him and Cainan will be sharing on the maiden voyage. Six seconds after his arrival, the bottle is smashed on the hull.

The crew takes off (literally) for Athlanthar and meet a contingent of gryphon riders that escorts them into the country. The crew sets up a small landing ground and enlists the guard, along with the crew that has a first mate of a barbarian werebear (who paid a hefty sum of 15K toward the project, 3 of which was used to buy the goblin crew) to defend the ship while they spoke with Bartel. After informing Bartel of the arrangement, the crew decides to try and play both sides against each other in a bid to make as much money as humanly possible. Yay good guys! So they convince Bartel to pay them another small fortune for the information and commission a project to build a dummy council chamber beneath the real one to place the stone. The idea is that when Blackheart’s army breaks through, Bartels/Athlanthars troops will be ready to take them down. Bartel, as part of the agreement, hires on the PCs as private merchants for a line of credit equal to 10% of the cargo run commission in addition to providing supplies for their voyages namely because Jon is lazy and doesn’t want to deal with upkeep. The crew gets started on the long and arduous task of building the council chamber replica when the game draws to a close. Fin.

Lycanthrope Army Beatdown
Tables explode when hit by large axes

“I have thoughts sometimes!”

Main Overview

  • PCs topple 3 of the Generals with the help of the werewolves
  • PCs discover the BBEG messing with a machine that’s controlling the weather and defeat him
  • PCs take a little downtime to study the BBEGs work and figure out what to do with the werewolves
  • XP Awarded: 35,070 xp
  • GP Awarded: 78,414.2 gp (split b/t Sara and Cainan: 39,207.1 gp a piece)

Jon’s Notes – 9/23/2010

So… much…. ass kicking. 6 hours of straight combat.

So the crew began their plan to topple the lycanthrope army from the inside out and quickly realized that without our help the werewolves would have never toppled the Generals, namely because they couldn’t hurt them due to their natural DR. They managed to destroy three of the Generals using the lycanthropes as human shields. The first was a hill giant wereboar with a silver great axe which the crew then gave to another werewolf to go kill more people with. A table exploded. The second was a weresnake who was quite deadly with thrown improvised weapons. A wall exploded. The final one was a werebear general in the illusion room who would up just giving up. My brain exploded. His werewolf friend took off up the stairs and just before Impch’s main observatory, engaged us with two additional generals.

There is no such thing as glow in the dark chalk, and if there was it would cost more than 50 gp.

Impch may have been interested in talking with us but combat broke out darn near right away. When he flew into the storm which had no effect on him, the crew closed the dome effectively locking him out then used the machine generating the storm to stop it. Doing so blew a hole in the dome which allowed Impch to fly back in. 23 rounds and a legless Druid later, the crew finally overcame and killed Impch.

Turns out the device was creating perpetual energy and contained the basic principles of transmutation that Cainan was interested in. The PCs spent some time at the keep studying the notes, rounding up the treasure, and recouping from the epic gauntlet that was the lycanthrope generals. Unsure of what to do with the lycanthropes, the Black Thorns Druid was unsure as to whether or not they would be hunted given they revealed they weren’t evil. The crew was unable to reach a decision on what to do with the 200 or so lycanthropes that survived the encounter.

Note to self: Head to the capital of Brigginton and ask if there’s a reward for stopping the storm.

When It Rains, It Pours
When in doubt, go with the most xp

“Well we can’t become werewolves, we’re immune to disease.”
“Oh. Then why am I talking to you? How are you immune to diseases?”
“Maybe we’re Paladins?”
“Well that’s even worse! Why am I even hanging around you guys?”
“Maybe we’re anti-Paladins?”
“Oh well that’s not so bad, I feel safe now.”
“Well you should, because we were actually lycanthropes all along.”
“Oh, then why this whole deception?”
“Because we’re actually your superiors coming to test you.”
“Really? Shit, I failed didn’t I?”
“Yes, go away now.”

Main Overview

  • Traveling band comes to down, assassination attempt on Cainan
  • PCs hire Rogue and leave for Barrington
  • PCs learn a storm in the country is hiding a keep that is amassing a lycanthrope army
  • PCs stir up a rebellion among the ranks to overthrow the Generals of the army
  • XP Awarded: 4,770 xp
  • GP Awarded: 1,755 gp (585 gp to all 3 players)

Jon’s Notes – 9/16/2010

Well the crew started off hanging out in town while Cainan made magic items for everyone. At the two week marker, a few peasants informed us some shady men were looking for us but had left. At the one month marker, a band of traveling entertainers rolled into town and the crew went to watch the show featuring a dancer really off her game.

Decado took off, the half dragon bard punched Cainan in the mouth for looking at another woman and left.

Dark Stalkers drop deeper darkness on the stage and two attempt to kill Cainan. A battle commences engaging all of them on the stage within the sphere of deeper darkness while they all held hostages. Not caring about the hostages, Cainan bombed the shit out of them and burnt the stage to the ground along with a few hostages. In a slightly clever move, he also took one of their daggers and impaled it into the troop entertainer that got burned to make it look like he was stabbed. Before the burning. The guards bought it, shut up. After which everyone realized one of the assassins got away, but the remaining crew (+1 rogue/dancer) ran him down and killed the shit out of him.

Heading to Briggington to check out the newest outbreak of a disease that had just plagued the city, the crew realizes there’s a freak hurricane in the middle of the country which makes travel next to impossible. Through mathematical deduction the crew determines at the center of the storm is a keep which must contain an army bent on overthrowing the entire country. Before recruiting a Druid from the Black Thorns to take them to the keep, the PCs manage to disable the device used to travel through the storm safely after realizing they had possession of a key at one point in time but horked it for cash in the previous town. Nevertheless, they ran down an informant in the city who was able to provide quite a bit of information about the keep after a confusing round of diplomacy.

Arriving at the keep, the crew gets in with little trouble and realizes they can either poison the army or fight them all. Since fighting 400 lycanthropes is worth more experience points, they decide to go for it and insight a rebellion among the ranks of the lycanthropes. Turns out the army is raiding villages all across the continent and bringing back the turned prisoners to join the army but are considered an expendable asset for Grimgork Blackheart. They link the army to the nefarious Orc via some heraldry. 10 Generals of 10th-ish level with companies of 5 5th-ish level characters stand between the crew and the big bad that made the weather disaster, but their ranks now swell to 400 strong thanks to the food shortage which arose because of the inability to travel through the storm. With a genocidal Druid on their side, the PCs gear up to take the keep and free the lycanthrope army to get hunt down by the Black Thorns. Yay heroes!

Apocalypse Later
Three against a thousand? Good odds for any... er...
“Alright we’re in position, looks like the entire thousand-man army is here. Now all we have to do is wait for the city militia to get their attention. ... I’m kind of bored, can we attack now?”

“Huh? Sure.”

Main Overview

  • PCs arrive in Mirrors to claim bounty for last job only to find out the city is suffering from a plague
  • PCs negotiate compensation from local Pelor church and local militia to help stop the plague
  • PCs find Ogre in the woods that leads them to Orcs in the city that leads them to the army underground.
  • With the help of the 100 man militia, PCs take down the entire thousand-strong army
  • PCs meet Chains and talk about the death of the continent
  • XP Awarded: 8,500
  • GP Awarded: 30,693gp (10,231gp to each player)

Jon’s Notes – 8/5/2010

The crew arrive in Mirrors to claim the bounty for the Vargouilles which is a measly 100 gold pieces but stumble into a church that appears to be filled to the brim with disease ridden townsfolk. The crew meet with the head cleric, Father Malfeas, briefly to find out more about what’s happening and negotiate a deal so that the church will provide discounted divine magic items for the crews help. Roughly 20 percent of the city is ill, all of which are human. The disease was an airborne strain of Devils Chills, genetically engineered to target humans. One Dwarf was said to have been bitten in a warehouse by a rat that carried the disease and, even though he’s immune to it, carried the disease to a well he drank out of which infected a large amount of the human populace.

Decado touched base with the local militia to find out the entire story while Cainan isolated the disease and produced an antigen to cure the disease which could be later mass produced. He then set about making some potions for their coming trials before going to bed. Cainan then proceeded to loot some scrolls from the churches stores. While resting, Decado arranged for the release of the Dwarf, who Cainan confirmed was no longer even a carrier, and tailed to make sure wasn’t an accomplice.

The next day the crew struck out into the woods after hearing reports of a cleric that had gone missing from the church and used to frequent the woods. The crew arrived at a blighted zone and drew out a Dryad to ask the plants about what happened to this area. The Dryad told them about an Ogre that was pining for a local Nymph who came and kidnapped the Dryad. This resulted in the death of an old oak tree which was at the center of the blighted area. From the Dryad the crew found out where the Nymph’s cave was and they went to investigate.

Upon arriving, they found a note stating the Nymph had left and were surprised by the Ogre who came looking for her. Enraged at the loss of his infatuation, he attacked the crew but was swiftly put down. After tying him up and interrogating him to find out more about the army of Kobolds, Orcs, Ogres and Giants that had marched through lead by a mysterious being known as Oolack, they cut him free and let him loose in the forest giving him instructions not to leave until they returned.

Heading back to town, the crew hit the market district hoping to incite whoever was kidnapping the local folks. They spotted a few shady disguised Orcs who attempted to flee. One was shot dead and the other grappled and charmed to tell the crew about the army that was actually underneath the city that was a thousand strong.

Wasting no time, the crew went to a local magic shop and told the shopkeeper what was about to happen. After he ran away screaming, they looted the entire shop then headed to the local militia to rally as many men as he could as fast as possible. The militia staged an assault on the front entrance of the cave beneath the city while the crew headed in the well entrance to flank the army after they engaged the local militia.

Upon arriving, they found a cloaked red-eyed figure in the center of a huge underground stadium with the entire army gathered around giving a speech in Orc and the entire army chanting in time. Decado rescued five soldiers and a cleric from the cages on the top tier of the stadium and the crew decided they were bored and attacked the army instead of waiting for the human forces to show.

A few rounds in the militia arrived drawing off the majority of the army but the crew managed to kill 5-6 hill giants, 5-6 ogres, a few dozen orcs, and about a hundred kobolds. They were also engaged by an elite hill giant and the cloaked figure which revealed herself to be a Blighter. After almost killing the human troops, the opposing force was soundly defeated through superior tactics and magical equipment and the battle ended to the sound of fireballs slamming into the flank of the remnants of the army that was trapped between the crew and the city militia.

The crew kept the items from the more powerful soldiers in the army and turned over the grunt armor and weapons to the local militia. They also returned roughly half of the wands taken from the shop keeper and kept the rest, saying they were all used in the battle. The cleric lady that went missing from the church of Pelor confessed she engineered the disease because her life was threatened. The Athlanthar reinforcements then arrived the following day to support the city with 100 troops and 25 clerics, only to find the army vanquished against impossible odds and the city on the mend due to a mass produced cure found days before.

Given a villa by the city mayor, the crew decided to stay in town for a few days while Cainan crafted magic items and the group took a much needed break. During the middle of the night Decado found a strange entity poking around the well and tailed him with Cainan. Cainan, about as subtle as a brick through a glass window, called the creature out and had an involved discussion with it.

The entity appeared to be made of chains and designated itself by the name “Chains” stating it was a horseman for the one true God. It was here because an apocalypse was about to take place and that a horseman was always present when that happened. It then stated that it was searching out the other armies of Fenris Blackheart but didn’t know where they were. Cainan and Chains went back and forth in bartering the information which the crew had come into possession of by way of a map that was left in one of the buildings after the army was destroyed. In the end, Cainan gained a little bit of knowledge about a relic that might help him further his alchemical skills and gave Chains the location of one of the armies to see what he would do with it.

Cainan offered to make magic items (provided they only required the Craft Wonderous Items feat) and potions for the group at cost (half the market value).

Weclome to Athlanthar!
Friends, Assassinations and Politics
“Hey, we made a lot of money looting the bodies of the people we killed and we’re pretty good at it. Maybe we should start adventuring instead of working steady and respectable jobs?”

“Sure, sounds good.”

Main Overview

  • Head mage of Lord Bartel goes missing, Decado and Cainan get jumped by Shimi and a group of mercs
  • The crew get a job offer from Lord E..something.. to rescue Lord Bartels family
  • Lord Bartels daughter was successfully recovered, but the mother was assassinated by a half black dragon reoccurring NPC
  • The crew are taken into custody but ultimately absolve themselves then ruin Lord Bartels closest rival for the council seat in a wave of bad press
  • Crew heads out into the wild on a job to eliminate some monsters harassing merchant caravans
  • XP Awarded: 1,800

Jon’s Notes – 7/22/2010

The halfsies wind up in Athlanthar avoiding Ipsworth, the country ruled by the General who once commanded the Athlanthar and has been on an Elf purge, trying to lay low. Cainan finds steady work making alchemist fire for the head mage in service to Lord Bartel, a long-standing seat on the Athlanthar council.

When attempting to drop off their monthly shipment, it quickly becomes apparent that the mage is gone along with all of his things. After snooping around, a group of mercenaries (2 fighters, 1 clumsy bard, 1 half orc and 1 wizard) jump the halfsies and get a sound ass kicking. The bard agrees to chat things up after realizing they’re beating up on people that probably didn’t kidnap the mage and the three come to an agreement to seek out Lord Bartel to get some answers.

At Lord Bartel’s office, after working their way through the Secretary and the Secretary’s Secretary, Cainan finds a note indicating that Bartel’s family has been kidnapped and he is supposed to lay low until the end of the election in four weeks. Realizing this would stymie his political career, and by proxy their financial source of income, the crew decides to intervene and head to Bartel’s estate.

The crew is stopped outside of Bartel’s office by Bartel’s head rival offering them a hefty sum of money to rescue his family claiming he knows of their whereabouts. The crew realizes this is obviously a trap, but the man produces a 500 gp ruby and a hefty sum of cash which abruptly convinces our money-grubbing heroes. They arrange for payment with an up front cost of the aspiring council candidate in the form of the ruby, weapons and armor which is dropped off the following morning.

There’s something about an elixir of love and morning tea, but that’s neither here nor there.

Heading out the next morning, the crew quickly dispatches four orc guards outside Lord Bartel’s manner before strutting on in. They are jumped by a bunch of Dretch which Decado convinces to head outside and eat orcs before winding their way up to the stairs where a mysterious half black dragon is holding Bartels wife and child captive.

A mysterious illusion prevents the crew from intervening in the mess but with some quick thinking Decado convinces a summoned Imp to attack the assassin. He then steps in himself to finish the job with a final chop from his blade only to realize that the person he slew was Lord Bartels wife who had been the victim of a death attack not moments before. The daughter, however, survived her wounding at the hands of the Imp and was cut free by the crew.

All of the servants rush in to find the events that have unfolded and the crew heads outside to find an armed escort waiting for them. Not wanting to be taken into captivity, Decado takes off dexterously dodging a hail of arrows on his way. The smart mouthed half elf convinces the guards to listen to reason and cooperates completely with the investigation alongside the head investigator.

A brief reprieve while the authorities are dealt with is had before the crew turns their sights on their would-be employer and drags him through political muck not because of an arranged assassination (for which he has a strong alibi), but for breach of contract. Appeals and legalities flare straight through until the election crippling the candidates chance at election through a combination of bad press and legal red tape.

The crew then realizes too late that the assassin was more than likely working for Lord Bartel to ensure his election even though his family was at stake. Of course, Lord Bartel has never been as close as he was this election to losing his council seat. Whoever the assassin was, he artfully arranged for the PCs to aid Lord Bartel in reclaiming his council seat and Lord Bartel seals the deal with a generous compensation of 10,000 gp to make sure the crew do not drop the charges before the election.

Up to their ears in nonsense, the crew then heads out on a bounty for a merchant guild to stop some local fauna from killing the supply caravans. The Vargoulles are quickly dispatched and the crew reunites with their third member but are interrupted on their return to Athlanthar…

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