End of Days


“How awkward would it be if you and the bad guy both plane shifted to the same spot in the same timeless plane to buff before combat?”
“It’d be like.. whoa, hey there… um… this is awkward.”
“Er… yeah… but you know, we can’t fight here because no one would see how epic it is.”
“Yeah… yeah… um, I’ll be over there. See you back on the prime material.”

Main Overview

  • Met Darkmoore in the Eleven Kingdom to ask for help fighting Fenris’ army
  • Took care of a nearby black dragon so they couldn’t flank the elven kingdom
  • Animated all the lava into one massive elemental in the volcano of the fire giant’s home
  • Found the chick w/ the sphere of Annihilation and shoved it up her ass
  • Expanded the sphere and obliterated the entire army
  • Found Fenris, kicked his ass

Jon’s Notes – 3/14/2010
Darkmar Feyorn returns to his daughters and promises to be a father figure.
The girls both find and are reunited with their mother, Dahlia.
The book takes down all of the research Deathdrix was working on.
Cainan bids the citizens of the world pray to him and transcends the mortal plan into a deity without so much as a word to his fellow party members but leaves his book behind to keep an eye on mortal affairs.

At long last, Martin’s epic campaign comes to an end. It’s been a fantastic journey in which we took our characters from level 1 to level 20 in one of the most epic scopes a PRPG has ever seen. Our character and are story will be sincerely missed.



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