Weclome to Athlanthar!

Friends, Assassinations and Politics

“Hey, we made a lot of money looting the bodies of the people we killed and we’re pretty good at it. Maybe we should start adventuring instead of working steady and respectable jobs?”

“Sure, sounds good.”

Main Overview

  • Head mage of Lord Bartel goes missing, Decado and Cainan get jumped by Shimi and a group of mercs
  • The crew get a job offer from Lord E..something.. to rescue Lord Bartels family
  • Lord Bartels daughter was successfully recovered, but the mother was assassinated by a half black dragon reoccurring NPC
  • The crew are taken into custody but ultimately absolve themselves then ruin Lord Bartels closest rival for the council seat in a wave of bad press
  • Crew heads out into the wild on a job to eliminate some monsters harassing merchant caravans
  • XP Awarded: 1,800

Jon’s Notes – 7/22/2010

The halfsies wind up in Athlanthar avoiding Ipsworth, the country ruled by the General who once commanded the Athlanthar and has been on an Elf purge, trying to lay low. Cainan finds steady work making alchemist fire for the head mage in service to Lord Bartel, a long-standing seat on the Athlanthar council.

When attempting to drop off their monthly shipment, it quickly becomes apparent that the mage is gone along with all of his things. After snooping around, a group of mercenaries (2 fighters, 1 clumsy bard, 1 half orc and 1 wizard) jump the halfsies and get a sound ass kicking. The bard agrees to chat things up after realizing they’re beating up on people that probably didn’t kidnap the mage and the three come to an agreement to seek out Lord Bartel to get some answers.

At Lord Bartel’s office, after working their way through the Secretary and the Secretary’s Secretary, Cainan finds a note indicating that Bartel’s family has been kidnapped and he is supposed to lay low until the end of the election in four weeks. Realizing this would stymie his political career, and by proxy their financial source of income, the crew decides to intervene and head to Bartel’s estate.

The crew is stopped outside of Bartel’s office by Bartel’s head rival offering them a hefty sum of money to rescue his family claiming he knows of their whereabouts. The crew realizes this is obviously a trap, but the man produces a 500 gp ruby and a hefty sum of cash which abruptly convinces our money-grubbing heroes. They arrange for payment with an up front cost of the aspiring council candidate in the form of the ruby, weapons and armor which is dropped off the following morning.

There’s something about an elixir of love and morning tea, but that’s neither here nor there.

Heading out the next morning, the crew quickly dispatches four orc guards outside Lord Bartel’s manner before strutting on in. They are jumped by a bunch of Dretch which Decado convinces to head outside and eat orcs before winding their way up to the stairs where a mysterious half black dragon is holding Bartels wife and child captive.

A mysterious illusion prevents the crew from intervening in the mess but with some quick thinking Decado convinces a summoned Imp to attack the assassin. He then steps in himself to finish the job with a final chop from his blade only to realize that the person he slew was Lord Bartels wife who had been the victim of a death attack not moments before. The daughter, however, survived her wounding at the hands of the Imp and was cut free by the crew.

All of the servants rush in to find the events that have unfolded and the crew heads outside to find an armed escort waiting for them. Not wanting to be taken into captivity, Decado takes off dexterously dodging a hail of arrows on his way. The smart mouthed half elf convinces the guards to listen to reason and cooperates completely with the investigation alongside the head investigator.

A brief reprieve while the authorities are dealt with is had before the crew turns their sights on their would-be employer and drags him through political muck not because of an arranged assassination (for which he has a strong alibi), but for breach of contract. Appeals and legalities flare straight through until the election crippling the candidates chance at election through a combination of bad press and legal red tape.

The crew then realizes too late that the assassin was more than likely working for Lord Bartel to ensure his election even though his family was at stake. Of course, Lord Bartel has never been as close as he was this election to losing his council seat. Whoever the assassin was, he artfully arranged for the PCs to aid Lord Bartel in reclaiming his council seat and Lord Bartel seals the deal with a generous compensation of 10,000 gp to make sure the crew do not drop the charges before the election.

Up to their ears in nonsense, the crew then heads out on a bounty for a merchant guild to stop some local fauna from killing the supply caravans. The Vargoulles are quickly dispatched and the crew reunites with their third member but are interrupted on their return to Athlanthar…


like the part about a love potion and morning tea.

Weclome to Athlanthar!

That’s what she said!

Weclome to Athlanthar!

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