The Job

When in doubt, plan b

“Why do they have to be goblins?”
“Because they do.”
“Yeah but why? We could hire a skilled crew with experience, more powerful and…”

Main Overview

  • PCs get visited by a Drow caravan as informed by a Drow spy
  • Fenris’ army shows up to examine the device
  • PCs finish and sail the Zeppelin to Athlanthar and meet with Lord Bartel about the coming trap
  • XP Awarded: 4,770 xp
  • GP Awarded: 312,000 gp (split between Decado & Cainan : 156,000 gp a piece)

Jon’s Notes – 10/14/2010
So the game picks up with everyone working on the Zeppelin and using the machine to view remote destinations, one of which is Fenris Blackhearts tower where they talk to a wand-wielding Orc who they inform of the project takeover. The Orc seems just fine with it and pass along a small metal orb which they offer to pay the PCs 500,000gp to drop off in the main council building in Athlanthar, which is apparently the next phase of the plan. The PCs later discover that this device allows for perfect scrying and perfect teleportation into the area the orb is located in.

Back outside, one particular werewolf seems to be more aloof than the rest. Come to find out he spills that he’s working for another Drow house which is interested in learning more about the device. Their plan is to create another to fulfill the vision by a Matriarch of a large Drow house and get back into good standings since they themselves are outcasts. She shows up with exactly what the PCs are looking for and agrees to sell the blue psionic goblins to the PCs for a fifth of the price in exchange for looking over the caste. The PCs laugh in her face. She tries to use magic to subdue the PCs, it fails. They tell her an army is coming, she books it to prevent getting slaughtered. On her way out the PCs strike a deal with her for half a dozen orcs and the cage of goblins. Only 4 of the dozen are actually evil, so that works out well.

The army shows up and, as discussed previously with the Orc at Fenris’ home base, they let them in to take some imagery and records of the device then go on their marry way. The PCs use the machine to take a look at the armies full potential and quickly realize resisting the army would be inadvisable, despite their glowing record of killing armies in the past. The army gets fed and leaves, and the PCs finish construction of the Zeppelin. After a 24 hour grueling run, Decado comes back with a fantastic bottle of wine which he thinks him and Cainan will be sharing on the maiden voyage. Six seconds after his arrival, the bottle is smashed on the hull.

The crew takes off (literally) for Athlanthar and meet a contingent of gryphon riders that escorts them into the country. The crew sets up a small landing ground and enlists the guard, along with the crew that has a first mate of a barbarian werebear (who paid a hefty sum of 15K toward the project, 3 of which was used to buy the goblin crew) to defend the ship while they spoke with Bartel. After informing Bartel of the arrangement, the crew decides to try and play both sides against each other in a bid to make as much money as humanly possible. Yay good guys! So they convince Bartel to pay them another small fortune for the information and commission a project to build a dummy council chamber beneath the real one to place the stone. The idea is that when Blackheart’s army breaks through, Bartels/Athlanthars troops will be ready to take them down. Bartel, as part of the agreement, hires on the PCs as private merchants for a line of credit equal to 10% of the cargo run commission in addition to providing supplies for their voyages namely because Jon is lazy and doesn’t want to deal with upkeep. The crew gets started on the long and arduous task of building the council chamber replica when the game draws to a close. Fin.



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