Tying Up Loose Ends

It's been a long time coming

“I almost murdered my entire family because of that succubus, now she’s back to finish the job.”
“But she’s after the King, what’s your relation to him?”
“He’s my father.”
“Your father? You’re a prince, have been this entire time, and never told me?”
“You never asked.”
“…. Yeah good point, I do ramble about myself a lot.”

“Wouldn’t being a demigod break the game?”
“Well eventually don’t you think your character would get tired of meddling in the affairs of mortals? He eventually just wouldn’t care about them anymore?”
“He doesn’t care now.”
“… Good point. Well, good thing the campaign’s almost over.”

Main Overview

  • Killed the Succubus haunting Decado
  • Killed the Drow Assassin
  • Found out about Blackheart’s final battle plan
  • Brought lots of people back to life
  • Cainan became a demigod
  • XP Awarded: 210,000 xp
  • GP Awarded: A bit

Jon’s Notes – 3/10/2010
Everyone spent a lot of time trying to figure out whether or not they should rule the world. Cainin got the hoard from the mountain factory, life was gone.

Met up with the Thri Kreen after we left the forge who asked us for a ride. The crew determined one of his hands was the succubus who tried to fool Decado into murdering his entire family, so the crew jumped and subdued her. After an interrogation, they realized her involvement with the Demon Slug Lord trying to trump Asmodius’ plans. She brought a poisoned sword with the intent to kill the Elven King, replacing the sword that Darthmar Feyorn was going to give him as a gift of good will. She died from her own poison.

A clever plan rooted out the Drow assassin that killed and replaced Tweak after he murdered Feyorn’s Thri Kreen (who turned out to be just a clone). He was tortured revealing Blackheart’s plan to conquer the world, then he was eaten by sharks. Decado got all of his gear, it’s only fair after all.

The crew ended the session intending to meet up with Feyorn at the elven kingdom for a little chit chat to finalize plans on how to topple Blackheart and outsmart his final maneuver.

Cainan alchemically transmuted himself into a diety, but accidentally imbued his formula book with a portion of his own consciousness. What could possibly go wrong?



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