Cainans Gear List

Wish List

Ring of Wizardry (I) [For Extracts] – 20,000gp – PRPG Core – Doubles first level extracts
Pearl of Power (I) [For Extracts] – 1,000gp – PRPG Core – Recall 1st level extract 1/day
Belt of Incredible Dexterity – 4,000gp – PRPG Core – +2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity

Goggles of Magic Sight – 2,500gp – Custom – continual detect magic and read magic – pair of goggles with different sets of lenses that slide down and up
Helping Hand Glove – 2,500gp – Custom – continual mending and mage hand – a simple plain leather glove
Bracers of Archery – 2,500gp – PRPG Core – +1 comp bonus to attack and damage rolls
+ Arrow Mind – 1,500gp – Custom – threaten adjacent squares w/ bow and prevents provoking

Efficient Quiver – 1,800gp – PRPG Core – stores arrows, bows, javelins
Thought Bottle – 20,000gp – Complete Arcane – stores memories, xp and spells
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 – 2,000gp – PRPG Core – +1 enhancement bonus to natural armor
Ring of Arcane Supremacy – 12,000gp – Complete Mage – reroll caster level check to overcome SR
Rod of Many Wands – 27,000gp – Complete Mage – holds up to 3 wands, activates all simultaneously, uses # of wands in charges from each
Heward’s Fortifying Bedroll – 3,000gp – Complete Mage – regain spells and rest in 1 hour
Quill of Scribing – 1,750gp – Complete Mage – scribes scroll for spellcaster

New Shopping List

Iron Flask – 170,000 / 4 = 42,500gp
Iron Bands of Binding – 26,000 / 4 = 6,500gp
Instant Fortress – 55,000 / 4 = 13,750gp
Dimensional Shackles – 28,000 / 4 = 7,000gp

Shield Mods
Greater Energy Resistance [30 ER, Core] 66,000 / 4 = 16,500 (flat cost)
Shield Cost: (+16,500 per ER 30)

+Scarab of Invulnerability [Throat] – 40,000 / 4 = 10,000 × 1.5 = 15,000gp

The Epic List

Project Flying Whale – Complete!

Current Project: The God Spark
Description: The God Spark is a soul that floats around the prime material looking for heroes worthy of granting its power to. When it finds a worthy humanoid, the God Spark bounds itself to that individuals soul and bestows incredible power upon them. The God Spark itself cannot be coerced to choose a particular individual and is impossible to capture or otherwise contain. Once bonded to a worthy hero, the God Spark can only be removed by the death of the hero. Should the heros soul be captured, the God Spark circumvents imprisonment and continues on its way to find another worthy hero. The description of what the God Spark looks like when not bound to a hero is purposefully left to the GM.

Template: The God Spark
Despite the fact that the God Spark is actually an indestructible Artifact, it functions as a template that can be applied to any humanoid. The God Spark has the unique restriction of only bonding to a heroic individual and only one God Spark exists. A God Spark retains all of the base creatures abilities and adds additional abilities outlined below.
CR: ????
Alignment: Any
Type: The creature’s type remains unchanged. Do not recalculate HD, BAB or Saves.
Defense/Qualities: It gains immunity to disease and a +4 Divine bonus on saves against poisons. Further, the natural life span of the creature is measured in decades instead of years. The God Spark also suffers no penalties from old age, but gains the benefits as normal. The God Spark will never bond with an immortal humanoid and somehow gaining immortality releases the God Spark.
Special Abilities:
Essence Pool: The God Spark gains a special pool to fuel its divine abilities, known as an Essence Pool. The points in this pool are often referred to as motes and can only be expended to power its incredible powers. Motes refill at a rate of 5 per hour if the God Spark is participating in light activity, such as a leisurely stroll, or 10 per hour if the God Spark is resting. Below is a list of special abilities motes can be used to fuel. The God Spark may spend up to its HD in motes to fuel each individual power. All bonuses paid for in motes last for one encounter unless used to fuel instant effects, such as spells. Hit points and recovered class features are also benefits that take effect instantly but can be activated again in the same encounter.
Essence Motes: The God Spark host has its HD x 10 motes of Essence. For every HD the God Spark possesses, the God Spark can learn one of the following abilities.

Essence PowerCostEffect
Enhanced Health1 mote / 10 hpThe God Spark can channel motes to grant itself temporary hit points
Enhanced Ability1 mote / +2The God Spark can increase a single ability by spending motes*
Enhanced Resilience1 mote / DR 1/EpicThe God Spark can toughen its skin with its raw divine power
Enhanced Accuracy1 mote / +1This ability grants the God Spark a Divine bonus on attack rolls
Enhanced Damage1 mote / +2This ability grants the God Spark a Divine bonus on all damage rolls
Enhanced Saves1 mote / +1This ability grants the God Spark a Divine bonus to all saves
Enhanced Avoidance1 mote / +1The God Spark receives a Divine bonus to his AC
Enhanced Speed1 mote / +5 ftThis ability augments the God Spark’s base speed
Excellence1 mote / +3The God Spark gains a Divine bonus to one trained skill*
Energy Resilience1 mote / 5The God Spark gains resistance to one type of energy
Divine Recovery10 motesThe God Spark may recover a single class feature as if having rested for 8 hours**
Divine Rejuvenation1 mote / 1d8The God Spark rolls the number of dice bought and heals that many hp
Divine Healing1 mote / 1The God Spark gains fast healing equal to the number of motes spent
Spell PowerVariesThe God Spark may spent a number of motes equal to a spell level to power a spell
Divine Weapon2 motes / +1The God Spark may create a mundane weapon with the listed enhancement bonus
Divine Ammo5 motesThe God Spark can draw an unlimited number of mundane arrows (or bolts) made of light
Divine Flight5 motesThe God Spark gains the ability to fly at twice its base speed with Perfect maneuverability
Water Adaptation5 motesThe God Spark can breathe and move freely underwater with a swim speed equal to its base speed
Earth Adaptation5 motesThe God Spark cannot suffocate from dirt and gains a burrow speed equal to its base speed
Combat Prowess5 motesThe God Spark can grant itself one combat feat it meets the prerequisites for

*Individual abilities/skills are considered separate powers for purposes of mote expenditures
**This feature cannot be used on spells, infusions, psionics, extracts, or similar effects and functions only on class features usable a certain number of times per day

The player and GM are encouraged to work together to come up with new powers for the God Spark Essence pool to fuel. Each power requires a standard action to activate.

Soul Pressure: The God Spark can spend its HD x 2 motes per encounter without any visual display. The light of the God Spark is always visible, even if the character is not due to invisibility or similar magic. After that amount, a brilliant golden bonfire begins to form around the following rate:

0-10 Motes: A single feature on the God Spark glows, -2 penalty on Stealth checks
11-20 Motes: The God Spark glows faintly all over, -4 penalty on Stealth checks
21-30 Motes: The God Spark gives off a glow equivalent to torchlight, Stealth is impossible
31-40 Motes: The God Spark is a brilliant bonfire visible out to one mile, possibly more if at night
41+ Motes: The God Spark is an iconic beacon of light, stretching all the way up to the sky. The light emitted by the God Spark is visible for tens, if not hundreds, of miles. At this level, if the God Spark spends a full turn without spending motes, the God Spark’s light fades back down to the 31-40 mote range. Additional expenditures in the same encounter flare the God Sparks glow back to full strength.

Action Hero: One of the most unique abilities of the God Spark, the excellence of the creature can further fuel its own divine power. When the player of the God Spark describes an action well, the GM can award the God Spark additional motes of Essence. Cool descriptions typically garner 1 mote, while really cool descriptions that involve the God Sparks surroundings garner 2 motes. The most incredible descriptions, ones that make the entire table of gamers say “wow”, net the God Spark 3 motes. The God Spark must succeed on the action it described to regain motes from it.
Abilities: As base creature.
Skills: A God Spark with racial Hit Dice has skill points per its racial Hit Die. Racial class skills are unchanged from the base creature’s. Skill ranks from class levels are unaffected.

Cainans Gear List

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